In collaboration with the international movement inspired by Greta Thunberg, the KCCC has been organizing meetings to inform and network the local community for action on the climate crisis. On specific Fridays at noon there is a high quality and engaging session from a range of experts and advocacy groups on the causes, consequences and actions for a carbon neutral future.

Spring 2022

Jan. 14-Kirsten Clemente, director of the DeLano Farm at the Kalamazoo Nature Center

This program will focus on regenerative agriculture practices and the work the Nature Center is doing to incorporate kids' farm camp, the farm internship program and community volunteers in various facets of the farm's operations, including an expanding Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

Jan. 28-People's Food Co-op: Our Anti-racism Journey
Chris Dilley, General Manager of Natural Grocery & Deli (People's Food Co-op)
Liis LahtiCo-Executive Director of ERACCE (Eliminating Racism and Creating/Celebrating Equity)

People's Food Co-op has been in business to build and nourish an equitable, resilient community in Kalamazoo for 51 years, and on an intentional journey to eliminate racism as part of our work for over a decade.  Why did we start down that path?  What has that work looked like?  Where do we go from here?  These are some of the things we'll explore together.

Feb. 11 - TBD

Feb. 25 - TBD

Mar. 11 - TBD

Mar. 25 - TBD

Apr. 8 - TBD

Apr. 22 - TBD

Fall 2021

October 8, Citizens' Climate Lobby, People's Church, and Countywide Climate Action Campaign, watch the recording here.

October 22, The Climate Mobilization, watch the recording here

November 12, City of Kalamazoo Sustainable Development Coordinator, Jamie McCarthy, will provide an update on the Sustainability Strategy planning process, status, and opportunities to get involved. Kalamazoo Sustainability Strategy
350 Kalamazoo coordinator, Kate Miller, will provide an overview of a No Idle Policy Campaign. Read their blog submission here!

December 10,

  • Kalamazoo Township Climate Committee

  • Michigan League of Conservation Voters: How to Give Effective Public Comment

  • Countywide KCCC Action Campaign 

Spring 2021

February 12 -  Open Doors Kalamazoo, Stephanie Hoffman 

February 26 - "Environmental Justice and Climate Action" Dr. Cybelle Shattuck,

March 12 - "Why are electric vehicles the way of the future and what should you do about it? " Dr. Steve Bertman and Dr. Paul Pancella.

March 26 - Conservation Stewardship at Kalamazoo Nature Center (KNC). Jessica Simons

Winter/Spring 2020 (Truncated by Covid-19)

January 10 – "Climate History to 1850: The Geological Record" - Duane Hampton
January 17 – "The Seas are Rising: Ocean Systems" - Michelle Kominz
January 24 – "Debunking Climate Myths" – Duane Hampton
January 31 – "Climate Change in the American Mind" – Denise Keele
February 7 – "Climate Impacts on the Great Lakes" – Dave Karowe
February 14 – "Climate Policies & Politics" – Paul Clements
February 21 – "Making Your Voice Heard: Your Climate Vote" – MI LCV
February 28 – "Beyond Food Justice: Rights to Land, Water and Seed" – Brionne Fonville
Saturday, March 7 – "Regenerative Agriculture Panel" – Kalamazoo Nature Center
March 13 – "The Global Political Economy of Sustainability" – Paul Clements
March 20 – "Carbon Neutral Power" – Cancelled

March 27 – "Climate Reality: Building Resilience" – Cancelled
April 3 – "Celebrating Food Around Lake Michigan" – Cancelled
April 10 – "Carbon Criminals, Climate Crimes" – Cancelled
Saturday, April 18 – "Kalamazoo Earth Day Celebration" – Cancelled

Fall 2019

September 27 – "The Scientific Case for Urgent Action on Climate Change" - David Karowe
October 4 – "Institutions and Politics of the Climate Crisis" - Paul Clements

October 11 – "Climate Refugees, Migrants and Displaced People" - Deirdre Courtney, Casey Schotter and Allen Webb
October 18 – "Empowering Youth to Act" – Kalamazoo Central High School
October 25 – "Meet the KCCC" – Arcus Center
November 1 – "Climate Action Planning in Higher Education" - Jeff Spoelstra and Sara Stockwood
November 8 – "Day of Student Action-TBA" - Kalamazoo Central High School students
November 15 – "Low Carbon Cooking" Chefs: Hristina Petrovska and Lauren Johnson

November 22 – "Gathering and Gifts: How to Holiday Differently" - Jenny Doezema
December 6 – "Michigan Climate Policy" - Denise Keele

December 13 – "Eating for Climate Resilience" - Jenny Doezema and Hristina Petrovska