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Climate Change News Digest for 11/8/23

This digest provides a selection of recent news articles relating to climate change and other environmental issues. Click on the title to read the full article from its original source.

By Kelly House (Bridge Magazine)

The Michigan House early Friday morning approved a suite of reforms to address climate change that would fundamentally change how the state gets its energy and require utilities to draw all their power from clean sources by 2040.

By Kristoffer Tigue (Inside Climate News)

Working in the dark may help agricultural workers keep cool, but safety advocates worry the trend could also be causing more accidents and compromising worker health.

By Brad Plumer (New York Times)

America’s electric grids may need to expand by two-thirds by 2035 to handle future growth in clean energy, the agency said. The nation isn’t on track.

By Brad Plumer (New York Times)

The decision comes as other projects to build wind farms along the Atlantic Coast have run into trouble.

By Fred Pearce (Yale Environment 360)

With UN climate negotiations set for next month, a growing number of nations and business leaders are calling for a phaseout of fossil fuels. But with major fossil fuel expansion projects moving ahead around the globe, advocates of strong action face a daunting challenge.

Concerned about the Climate Crisis? - Learn what you can do: 10 ways you can help fight the climate crisis. For more news regarding the climate crisis, see Carbon Brief and Inside Climate News.

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