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Climate Change News Digest for 6/14/23

This digest provides a selection of recent news articles relating to climate change and other environmental issues. Click on the title to read the full article from its original source A Landmark Youth Climate Trial Begins in Montana By Mike Baker (New York Times) Sixteen young people argue that the state is robbing their future by embracing policies that contribute to climate change. How Are Hurricanes Connected to Climate Change? By Amy Green, Bob Berwyn, James Bruggers (Inside Climate News) Hurricanes are intensifying faster, reaching further inland and costing billions in damage as the climate warms. State-level climate czar seeks environment focus in policy By Rachel Frazin and Zack Budryk (The Hill) Melissa Hoffer is the country’s first state-level climate czar, but she hopes she won’t be the last. America Has a Chance to Make Farming More Climate Friendly By Robert B. Semple Jr. (New York Times) Last year’s giant Inflation Reduction Act included $19.5 billion aimed at shrinking the climate footprint of agriculture by greatly increasing the money available to farmers under the Agriculture Department’s conservation programs. UN Considering Reforms to Limit Influence of Fossil Fuel Industry at Global Climate Talks By Bob Berwyn (Inside Climate News) Civic groups and elected officials say the selection of host cities for the annual COP meetings, as well as the designation of delegates with ties to fossil fuels, must be more transparent. About the Digest: Articles included here are selected from several organizations which consolidate climate change related news from many sources around the world. These organizations include Carbon Brief and Inside Climate News. Accessing the full articles from the links provided here may sometimes not be possible due to access restrictions of the originating publications.

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