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K College Sustainability Symposium - Keynote


Title: “Wildlife Geography in the Anthropocene”
Jonathan C. Hall
Assistant Professor of Geography, West Virginia University

The Anthropocene, humanity’s impacts on the planet at global scale, is studied and understood through multiple disciplinary lenses. A large proportion of the work conducted by researchers, activists, citizens and communities comes from the fluid boundaries of and spaces beyond human civilizations of the last 500 years. These wildlife geographic spaces have the capacity to inform solutions for the persistent environmental challenges of living in the Anthropocene. In this talk, Dr. Hall discusses the development of his wildlife geography research practice, where he began researching threatened wildlife species and human cultural practices in Rajasthan, India. He continues with his work on the movement ecology of critically endangered California condors, buffalo restoration on tribal lands in the United States, and wild food provisioning in Appalachia. The common thread within Dr. Hall’s research is centered on gaining a deeper understanding of the relationships between human communities and non-human wildlife species with the ultimate goal of contributing a diversity of solutions to problems of the Anthropocene that are grounded in a praxis of coexistence and codependence with non-human relatives.


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Earth Day 2021 - April 21

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