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The Climate of History in a Planetary Age

10:00–11:30am  Zoom

At this event, Dipesh Chakrabarty will join a panel of scholars at the forefront of exploring the implications of the Anthropocene framework for historical research to consider how climate change upends long-standing ideas of history, modernity, and globalization.

KCCC Fridays for Future

Hope for Creation: Faithful Stewardship, Flourishing Community

12:00 - 1:00 pm

The southwest Michigan chapter of Michigan Interfaith Power & Light, Hope for Creation is an interfaith network of individuals and congregations in greater Kalamazoo whose faith traditions teach that people and the planet flourish when social and natural communities are in harmony.  Come learn about our current initiatives that encourage people from faith communities and the wider community to undertake climate action in individual lives, in congregations, and in community governance.

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Earth Day 2021 - April 23

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