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Recorded Lectures

Enacting Climate Justice

March 30, 2023

Michael Méndez, Regina Strong and Michelle Martinez

Twin Apocalyptic Threats: The Climate Crisis and Nuclear Weapons

March 23, 2023

Dr. Ron Kramer

Lessons Learned from A2ZERO

March 18, 2023

Missy Stults

Planetary Health - The Urgent Call for Great Transition

March 15, 2023

Teddie Potter

Why is there a climate emergency for Kalamazoo?

March 13, 2023

Dave Karowe

Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region

February 3, 2023

David Karowe

Possible Climate Futures Part 2

January 20, 2023

David Karowe

Al Gore on Climate Change

January 16, 2023

Al Gore, panel

Light at Night: A Glowing Hazard

November 16, 2022

Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society

Positive Social Tipping Points to Avoid Climate Tipping

February 4, 2022

Tim Lenton

Emergency Medicine For Our Climate Fever

September 23, 2019

Kelly Wanser

Ethics & Politics of Global Climate Justice

March 29, 2023

Paul Clements

Creating a Just Climate Policy

March 21, 2023

US Representative Rashida Tlaib

Climate Action in Michigan - Panel Discussion

March 17, 2023

Sean McCann
Dr. Denise Keele
Brendan Mortensen-Seguin

Teaching Climate Change in the Public Schools

March 15, 2023

Allen Webb and Panel

Climate Change Impacts on Human Health

February 3, 2023

David Karowe

Climate Change Impacts on Species and Ecosystems

February 3, 2023

David Karowe

Possible Climate Futures Part 1

January 20, 2023

David Karowe

Earth's Climate History to Present

January 13, 2023

David Karowe

DIY Ideas to Fight Climate Change

September 6, 2022

Susan Schneider

What NASA Knows from Decades of Earth System Observations

January 24, 2022

Karen St. Germain

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