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KCCC was formed in the summer of 2019 in response to the Global Climate Strike led by youth climate activist, Greta Thunberg.  In 2022, KCCC became a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Board of Directors

President - Jace Bylenga

Secretary - Jenny Doezema

Treasurer - Skip Lee

At Large - Jeff Spoelstra

At Large - Denise Keele

At Large - Brendan Mortensen-Seguin

Coordinating Committee

Terri Benton-Ollie

Steve Bertman

Rick Freiman

Tom Hackley

Nicky Leigh

Mark Miller

Chad Oberdoerster

Mary Ann Renz

Timon Tesar

Krystal York



The Kalamazoo Climate Crisis Coalition mobilizes collective action to achieve immediate and drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and rapid adoption of renewable energy through a transition grounded in social, racial, economic, and environmental justice.


We commit to our Mission by:

  • Acknowledging that interrelated climate, ecological, economic, and public health crises require us to collectively reimagine society;

  • Uniting individuals, businesses, and governmental entities with youth, faith, peace, educational, environmental, and climate action groups;  

  • Expanding our network of affiliates, partners, and individuals to build the organizational capacity, depth and breadth of influence for all;

  • Promoting awareness, empathy, and engagement through actions, education, and outreach;

  • Serving as our community’s resource for science-based climate action and learning;

  • Directing initiatives that influence government, educational and other institutions, businesses, and community groups to take urgent, measurable action.

Our Guiding Principles are to:

  • Welcome viewpoint diversity. We operate with transparency, cast a wide net of inclusion, approach disagreement with curiosity, and make decisions based on consensus. 

  • Recognize climate as a commons on which all life depends.  Collective action is our shared responsibility and the only path toward resilience and adaptation. 

  • Honor and own our pain for the world.  We believe whatever emotions arise – fear, anger, grief, despair – are normal responses to loss in this chaotic, unprecedented time. Our work is difficult; we lean into it and on each other.

  • Inspire positive action.  Action begets hope. Our focus is on personal transformation and engendering societal and cultural change. 

  • Celebrate.  We acknowledge each other’s gifts, our collective achievements, and the joys to be found in art, music, poetry, and the natural world.

  • Adhere to scientific integrity. We conduct events and direct resources based on the scientific expertise of members, affiliates, and other consultants. 

  • Be non-partisan but not apolitical. We direct our energy and other resources to advocating for policies and platforms that further our mission, but we do not endorse candidates or political parties. 


We operationalize our Mission and Guiding Principles by:

  • Hosting scheduled, promoted and structured webinars, Zoom meetings, and in-person offerings that are open to the public;

  • Creating committees on an as-needed basis comprised of rotating volunteers from affiliates and at-large community members.  Standing committees include:

    • Coordinating Committee, which serves as the organizing and leadership body, ensuring all efforts and activities are consistent with our Mission and Guiding Principles.

    • Communications Committee ensures the policies, strategies, and public-facing communications align with our Mission and Guiding Principles.

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