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Inspiration of Environmental Literacy

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The current situation of the world and the rapid degradation of our environment demand us to rethink our living standards. Climate change requires urgent solutions and long-term changes that will ensure that our communities may be able to thrive and modernize in the near and distant future. With this purpose in mind, our educational models need urgent attention, and environmental literacy at all levels of education needs to increase.

As a countrywide community, it is of the utmost importance to learn from each other, get inspiration, and replicate those strategies that are successful in other states and the nation. That is why we want to share and celebrate the work of Ten Strands (, an organization that focuses on bringing together different stakeholders to promote and achieve environmental literacy at K-12 level schools in California. Their holistic approach brings together a diverse base of experts and resources to teachers and nonprofits to promote a practical environmental education based on equity, inclusion, and culture.

In a recently published article on their webpage, Heather Taylor, founder of Teach Outside and Outside School (, shares her experience from a program she created to promote outdoor education for children (full article here: She shares her experience serving a diverse community in Richmond, California, with a hands-on approach to learning. As a result, children are engaged with all their senses and get a chance to share with other children of different ages in an entirely natural environment that allows them to stay curious, engaged, and immerse in further learning.

This has been an excellent opportunity for children to engage with nature and acquire a skill set that will further advance their lives and sense of responsibility and care for the environment. Hopefully, this serves as an inspiration to our community to promote diverse types of learning that are more in contact with our environment, nature, and each other.

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