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Thank you, Dr. Keele!

With a mix of sadness and gratitude the Kalamazoo Climate Crisis Coalition acknowledges the departure of Dr. Denise Keele as its Coordinating Chair. KCCC, formed in 2019 and currently composed of over 40 different affiliate organizations in West Michigan, was the brainchild of Dr. Keele. Her focus and energy have led to the group’s effectiveness, as evident in both its growth and its accomplishments. Dr. Keele has taken a position as Director of the Michigan Climate Action Network (MiCAN) starting June 1, 2022. We have no doubt that her prodigious talents will be a huge benefit to MiCAN and, through their work, to the entire state of Michigan. We thank her for her inspired leadership, wish her continued success, and look forward to collaborating with her in her new role.

KCCC is as committed as ever to continuing the crucial work started by Dr. Keele to bring together people and organizations to mobilize collective action to achieve a just transition away from greenhouse gas emissions and toward adoption of renewable energy. We welcome anyone who is interested in joining this work, and we are excited to start a new chapter for KCCC.

If you are interested in more information, send an email to or visit our website at

With appreciation,

KCCC Coordinating Committee

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