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Climate Change News Digest for 1/17/24

This digest provides a selection of recent news articles relating to climate change and other environmental issues. Click on the title to read the full article from its original source.

By Jeff Johnston (Michigan EGLE)

Michigan leads the nation in federal climate investments, strategic initiatives, and groundbreaking legislative victories that put our great state on track to achieve 100% clean energy by 2040 while creating thousands of jobs.

By Rachel Donald (The Guardian)

Where discussion of climate often centers on carbon emissions, a focus on overshoot highlights the materials usage, waste output and growth of human society, all of which affect the Earth’s biosphere.

By Josh Gabbatiss (Inside Climate News)

A boom in Chinese solar power construction drove another record-breaking year of renewables growth in 2023, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

By Carla Walker and Caitlin Macomber (World Resources Institute)

Environmental justice was then further elevated as a central tenant of the United States through passage of federal climate policies such as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, as well as the Inflation Reduction Act.

By Justin Worland (Time)

This year is the biggest election year on record. Voters in more than 60 countries—including four of the five most populated—will go to the polls in 2024. And in all of them, climate change is unavoidably on the ballot.

Concerned about the Climate Crisis? - Learn what you can do: 10 ways you can help fight the climate crisis. For more news regarding the climate crisis, see Carbon Brief and Inside Climate News.

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