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Climate Change News Digest for 10/11/23

This digest provides a selection of recent news articles relating to climate change and other environmental issues. Click on the title to read the full article from its original source.

By Jillian Ambrose (The Guardian)

Thinktank says rapid growth of wind and solar is near rate required if world is to hit 2030 target as part of 1.5C pathway

By Orla Dwyer (Carbon Brief)

Wasted food – if it were a country – would be the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

By Kristoffer Tigue (Inside Climate News)

In the U.S., where climate policy has been highly politicized, the concept of a carbon tariff has recently emerged with rare bipartisan support.

By James Bruggers (Inside Climate News)

The 86-year-old leader of the 1.3 billion-member Catholic Church bluntly urges more aggressive action to curb emissions at the next U.N. climate meeting in eight weeks.

By Ivan Penn (New York Times)

Green Mountain Power is asking state regulators to let it buy batteries it will install at customers’ homes, saying doing so will be cheaper than putting up more power lines.

Concerned about the Climate Crisis? - Learn what you can do: 10 ways you can help fight the climate crisis. For more news regarding the climate crisis, see Carbon Brief and Inside Climate News.

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