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Climate Change News Digest for 4/12/23

This digest provides a selection of recent news articles relating to climate change and other environmental issues. Click on the title to read the full article from its original source.

By Gaia Vince (The Guardian)

The climate crisis can seem overwhelming, but there are radical, pragmatic solutions – and they all begin with an idea.

By Josh Gabbatiss (Carbon Brief)

The power sector is about to enter a “new era of falling fossil generation” as coal, oil and gas are pushed out of the grid by a record expansion of wind and solar power, according to new analysis by climate think tank Ember.

By Coral Davenport (New York Times)

Government scientists have spent a year analyzing electric vehicles to help the E.P.A. design new tailpipe rules to trigger an electric car revolution.

By Joe Fassler (New York Times)

Owning or operating a superyacht is probably the most harmful thing an individual can do to the climate. On an individual basis, the superrich pollute far more than the rest of us, and travel is one of the biggest parts of that footprint.

By Ben Adler (Yahoo News)

A study published Monday finds sea-level rise along the coast of the southeastern United States has accelerated rapidly since 2010, raising fears that tens of millions of Americans’ homes in cities across the South will be at risk from flooding in the decades to come.

About the Digest: Articles included here are selected from several organizations which consolidate climate change related news from many sources around the world. These organizations include Carbon Brief and Inside Climate News. Accessing the full articles from the links provided here may sometimes not be possible due to access restrictions of the originating publications.

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