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Climate Change News Digest for 4/22/22

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

This digest provides a selection of recent news articles relating to climate change and other environmental issues. Click on the title to read the full article from its original source.

By James Bruggers (Inside Climate News)

Cheniere Energy says the EPA’s decision to start enforcing pollution controls on gas turbines is “counterproductive” in light of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Environmentalists strongly disagree. The nation’s top exporter of liquified natural gas, Cheniere Energy, is using Russia’s war on Ukraine to pressure the Biden administration for a break on regulations aimed at reducing toxic air emissions at its LNG export terminals in Louisiana and Texas.

By Richard Orange (The Guardian)

From high-protein food to plastics and fuel, Swedish scientists are attempting to tap the marine plant’s huge potential. In fact, experts believe that seaweed could be a key crop in the “protein shift” away from meat.

By Laurie Laybourn (The Guardian)

The battle for countries and companies to sign up to net zero is being won. Climate policies helped spur rapid changes in energy markets, with renewables becoming increasingly competitive against fossil fuels, showing the world we have the technology to drive rapid emissions reductions. This momentum is the result of decades of cumulative awareness-raising, tireless campaigning and political maneuvering.

By Helena Horton (The Guardian)

Rightwing populist parties have a detrimental impact on climate policy, researchers have found for the first time, amid growing fears of a similar movement in the UK. The study looked at the policy of more than 25 countries over a period of more than a decade. Researchers created a climate policy index and compared it with a baseline of a center-right government. They found the combined effect of the presence of a rightwing populist party in parliament and in government was associated with a reduction in the index of about 25% on average.

By Robin McKie (The Guardian)

Olympic gold medallist Etienne Stott was among protesters calling for an end to investment in fossil fuel. Six people were arrested after climate-change activists clambered on top of an oil tanker in central London on Saturday. The environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion said three people had climbed on top of the Shell tanker where they held up an “End fossil filth” banner while other demonstrators gathered around the vehicle.

About the Digest: Articles included here are selected from several organizations which consolidate climate change related news from many sources around the world. These organizations include Carbon Brief and Inside Climate News. Accessing the full articles from the links provided here may sometimes not be possible due to access restrictions of the originating publications.

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