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Climate Change News Digest for 6/12/24

This digest provides a selection of recent news articles relating to climate change and other environmental issues. Click on the title to read the full article from its original source.

By Killian Fox (The Guardian)

The US atmospheric chemist on why she doesn’t share the pessimism of most climate scientists, fixing the ozone layer, and why Jacques Cousteau is her hero

By Sonya Singh (The Guardian)

The middle schoolers in Melrose Leadership Academy’s chapter of the climate justice group Youth vs Apocalypse started doing some extra homework: they researched, planned and proposed installing a heat pump on campus.

By Frida Garza (Grist)

As climate change makes summers hotter, restaurant employees are walking out and unionizing.

By Jennifer Szalai (New York Times)

Economic growth has been ecologically costly — and so a movement in favor of ‘degrowth’ is growing.

by Sarah Sax (Mongabay)

Experts say Indigenous communities can play a leading role in the clean energy transition through partnerships that allow them to produce and benefit from renewable energy projects.

Concerned about the Climate Crisis? - Learn what you can do: 10 ways you can help fight the climate crisis. For more news regarding the climate crisis, see Carbon Brief and Inside Climate News.

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