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Advisory Council


Over the next three years, the creation and implementation of the Plan will be overseen by an Advisory Council composed of 15 members. Council members will serve terms of 3 years, with at least 18 meetings over the course of the project. The meetings will be held monthly until the project has progressed far enough to require less frequent meetings.


There will be 4 subcommittees, which were identified in the grant (Housing and the Built Environment, Infrastructure and Energy, the Natural Environment, and Food Systems and Agriculture) each containing at 5 members, some members will be asked to serve on more than one committee.



Potential council members who meet any of the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  1. Expertise and/or experience in the any of the fields listed above or climate science in general, with special emphasis on local knowledge.

  2. If you are a stakeholder (i.e. business owner, community representative, non-profit or foundation representative, local municipal representative) in the community with an interest in furthering climate action in Kalamazoo County.

  3. Experience with climate action planning and project implementation, and/or climate activism, with special emphasis on local climate action work.

If you are interested in being on the Advisory Council, either:

   A) complete the application online


   B) fill out the pdf and email it to


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